Animation (Go To)

I never really looked at it before, but what does the (go to) do? It’s black, not white, so is it like a (set) for a number, that changes the animation?

Just curious if anyone has tried it. I haven’t, since I haven’t been able to make games much lately.

If you connect +1 to go to animation, it moves 1 frame instead of playing the whole thing.

Well that seems useless, unless I make an animation for a text box, and hitting A goes to the next frame text box, instead of having multiple animations.

@“Mhx Ar” its quite helpful if you want to change the sprite of something without necessarily making multiple animations, like a custom health meter. Or, what I use it for, Spaceship skins/variations

Not really, if you want to make a health bar using deplete animations, or just like the tutorial boxes I made. They’re probably the easiest way to go (In fact, I figured that out by wondering how the heck jngthree made a health bar in Crystal Storm)

@Luminous my ways are mysterious, until theyre obvious… lol

SB3 uses this same method for the Health Bar

Health bar, interesting idea.

It’s useful any time you want to choose one sprite at a time instead of playing a full animation. Here’s an example using it for progress/health bars:

Thanks for explaining. I thought it was some sort of “next animation” button that plays the animation connected after (done), like if you wanted running to not interfere with the walking animation.

I always make health bars with the go to input. The input circle is dark because it doesn’t send an output

I know that. I just misunderstood the purpose.