Animation only using first frame when button is pressed?

SO playing my game i remade the walk animations yes?
and everytime he walks he only does the first frame and i cant figure it out
(also ik i improved my art its just the art supposed to look bad)

Wow, you’ve got me completely confused. The commands are supposed to move the white sprite, the black sprite is supposed to be unmovable. But the movement commands are moving the black sprite instead, somehow.

I get the feeling you did that on purpose to confuse people… if so, mission accomplished.

Use the go to input on the animation block :upside_down_face:

It’s because you have an Always connected to the Idle animation. Therefore both animations are trying to override each other, which results in only a single frame being displayed.

You should have a Once connected to the Idle animation, and when you stop moving, play the Idle animation again.

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