animations broken on one object

the animations on one of my objects are seemingly broken, whenever ANY animation plays on the object it turns all black, there is no animation or even a single frame in any of the animations that are all black. i see no reason that it would be happening, ive refreshed flowlab, ive restarted my computer, i played it not logged in, i made a new animation and it was black too, i played on another computer, nothing works. yesterday all the animations were working fine. in the animation tab all my animations are still there and the code works fine. its just this one object as well, every other animation ive made works fine.

has anyone else seen this, any ideas?

ps: after remaking the object the new one broke too

I have never seen something like that. I don’t know what the issue may be.

Could you leave a link to the game and tell what object is doing this?

@JR 01

the object is the dialogue box in the level “new level”, its on the user interface layer.

to see what i am referring to walk to the left and talk to either the person on the rocking chair to the left of the fire or talk to the person to the right by pressing “e” when the prompt appears

do not attempt to talk to anyone else because there code isnt done yet and it will freeze you in place (this is normal and not a glitch)

@growthorn24, I’m unsure whats causing this issue but it seems every other object seems to work fine. I assigned a keyboard input to a animation and every animation results in a black sprite.
Creating a new sprite for the textbox is the only solution I can find.

Something isnt right and I’m not sure if its a bug, but I think it would be good if @grazer took a look at the problem. (On “New Level” in the UI layer named “dialogue box” in the UI library)



@“JR 01”
well thanks for the help, i didn’t want to completely remake the object with all the code and animations but it looks like ill need to. i appreciate that you took the time to look at it.

ps: i dont know who/what grazer is

@grazer is the creator of this website.

wtf! i remade the object and the NEW one broke too

ill try using multiple objects but this is a problem

only @grazer made this website?