Animelia Evolution Sim!

remember my first Animelia Evolution? Well, here’s an alternative. The new game has no interactivity and is more of a “watch things evolve over time” sort of thing. I will be adding player controlled things like natural disasters, but leave suggestions on what you would like to see added in! (Not eggs. Literally crashed my computer so no timed eggs, only natural immediate birth. You can still find the eggs and what I used for them incase you want to know!)


Soooo its a movie basicly

yeah, but I am going to add a feature for unlockables to customize the world. ( also for people who haven’t played, you need a good computer.)

Great job!

pretty cool, but after a while the "meatyor"s exploded all over the place and kind of ground the game to a halt.

I like the idea though, really interesting.

I’m currently working on a way to have a first evolution pop out when everything dies. Meatyors stop the browser crashing issue for me, as too many entity’s cause a huge issue.

update “Blink and you might miss it.” Added blinking animations and optimizations for not crashing. meatyors now regulated and if there is ever no species, a new species will spawn in so it keeps going and going and going…

Thought I’d let you know my computer just crashed whilst running it

crap. That game is known by me as a crashing game. I’m going to lower species allowed most likely. I need ether stability or allowed ecosystem strength. I will probably choose stability.

chose stability. Now max is 8, not 11. crashes not guaranteed to be gone

update “Entities galore!” Added new evolution types, added background for land, added adjustable max amount ( default is still 8 )