Announcement:E-Man The Game

So some of you who are probably subscribed to my YouTube channel (Most likely not) or follow my Bandlab (Once again most likely not) might be heard of the worst superhero the world has ever seen,E-Man.There are albums on Bandlab (E-Man,E-Man Legends Of Wu,E-Man Ultimate & E-Man Attack Of The Mess) and the video on my YouTube channel where E-Man gets hurt by a spike on the roof.Well now I’m gonna make E-Man the game.I might need help making it at some points.I’ve only created 2 sprites and haven’t started making the game yet.The 2 Sprites are:E-Man E-Man and the logo E-Man Game (I know you can’t see the words E-Man because it’s in white).Sooooooo enjoy E-Man the game I guess

1 Like All the E-Man albums.It’s backwards all this is the timeline:

If you find any bugs with the game you can fix them and send me a screenshot for me to recreate here:

Probably needs to be playable :confused:

What?There might be something wrong with the play button.

@hihilogic Is there something wrong with the coding?

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You didn’t set a button to press :upside_down_face:

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