Announcement from all the John Shrekinson Clones

Hi, CodeAlpaca 2 here. @BradenS_2B, @the_yellow_and_black_individual, @john_doom_from_halo, @Ionjiruilo_Pylon, and @the_purple_guy have an announcement to make.

As of right now, none of us are John Shrekinson clones. We all have all split from him and become our own individuals. John Doom and Purple Guy have forgotten their passwords so they can’t be here right now. We’re all John Shrekinson’s friends, but we are no longer him exactly. This could be easier to understand if you have played Gacha Memories on iOS or Android, but that is not necessary.

If more sequels to Flowlab users appear, they most likely aren’t associated with us.


John stop lying. This isn’t funny. Be quiet. Never ping me again.

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Just to clarify, only the two previous users to post in this topic are me. The others are my friends.