Announcements, Ya!

I wonder what’s next feature-announcements.

Just curious:


Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 19.43.13

@grazer ( Sorry for tagging you. )

Probably within a week or 2, the “Ready to Deploy” tab is getting pretty long like it would before an update. Just keep an eye out and Grazer will make an announcement here in the Forums.

Actually, that Ready To Deploy list was a little misleading - that was the list of stuff in the last release. I’ve archived it now.

The next release (in progress now) will be mainly focused on new data types for behaviors: ☑️ Our fate hangs in the balance: Decision 2020

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Oh woops, I didn’t realize.

@R0CK if you want another prediction of mine,
Since he’s just started on the next release patch now and will include completely new features. I’m going to guess 1 or 2 months.

The last big project I know Grazer did was reconstructing the ENTIRE website from Flash to HTML, so I’m not too exactly sure how long this will take.

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my guess is about 2 months if not a little more, but Its a little hard to tell.