Another classed based thing- Crimson Fighters

Felt like seeing what I could do with the concept.

Randomly generated dungeon, traps, etc. just havent finished the health system yet

1-3 select class P-1
4-6 select class P-2
R- ready

P-1: WASD, F for action
P-2: Arrows, / for action

So far the only trap is the crossbow, which only fires when you cross its line of site



The beginning was pretty confusing, but the concept looks great!

Same as @Luminous

It needs a improvement in the beginning but that’s just because its really in beta xd.

Randomly generated dungeons and etc. can be pretty fun. Looking forward this


The whole Random generation was in a little collab at school I made with a friend. It was after I started getting good with my textures

I used the same system but integrated the raycast to make sure they dont create walls. Its more of a maze

So do you like the art style or should I make it 32 bit

Honestly dunno.
Follow your heart

I acknowledge the existence of this game.

Okay lol the sprites look cool but why are the characters rotating? And why can’t the bow shoot an arrow in a straight direction?

Feels unfinished

It… is unfinished. I already said that

I got a little inspiration from dig dug.

You should share the game when it’s finished so I get impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

Seeing the progress is also nice

Changed the sprites a bit, expect more