Another Multiplayer 'game' Testing

More of an experiment than a game. Read desc before using f to go fullscreen.

Free for All!
Just bump into other players. Hit them to spikes. After you die, wait until you turn nearly invisible and press r. Then you will follow your mouse. Pick your desired respawn point and press r again.


error 404

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fixed, mb

hold on i need to fix something to make it hopefully less boring

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alr reload rq, it will be crazier


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how do you play i dont see the player and clicking does nothing and the colors are funky

I didn’t go fullscreen at all.

read the description

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I read the description and don’t understand.

press r twice to respawn, the first time it moves to your mouse, the second it respawns

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wait nvm i see now and i get it

just reload
it follows your mouse, it looks like an arrow
in the respawn phase it teleports to your mouse, and then spawns there after you press r again

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lol i respawned out of bounds and went to the far reaches of space

this is fun