Another very small update

Two fixes:

  • Games now resize correctly without needing to reload the page
  • Labels are now the correct color in screenshots

the background color of the game is white in a screenshot

Hey @“JR 01” - that’s not happening for me, can you post an example?

Same thing is happening with background color for me with JR 01.

Hey @fastcheetah6 - can you post a link?

sorry for the late response,
Here’s the link to my game, this also happens on New Game’s too.



same here. The background color doesn’t show in screenshots

Its happened to my game screenshots as well. The other problem is that labels are very frustrating to work with, and if they have a border or shadow, the border/shadow remains visible even if the label is set to 0 alpha. They don’t update in the game editor either, making it difficult to type text without making it go off the screen. This has forced me to go between editor mode and play test mode over and over again when making new labels.