Any game ideas? im all ears!

Ok so im making a new game that is gonna be based off of robots and if anyone has an idea for a game they might wish exists or something like that comment below! Just (anything other than a side view platformer or td game) and when I said based of robots I meant the player is going to be a robot
-I will pick one game idea and turn it into a reality

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Turn/Grid based combat

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hmm interesting idea ill keep that in mind

K so how would this game work explain?

I think he means traditional RPG games:
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mmm yes i understand that part but what does he mean grid based how would that work?
Would you be able to move a grid each turn?
1 attack per turn?

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Its like the Rabbid Mario game:
You move then attack, then it’s the enemies turn to do the same thing (and it moves your camera to the enemy) so yes you’re right.

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Maybe try making a dungeon crawler topdown game


Love the ideas keep them coming

wai dungeon crawler as in fighting different rooms unlocking new ones la di da di da you get the point

Things like an AOE attack like a missile(AOE stands for area of effect ) or you could to a laser which could be like a line attack(about 5 squares in front of you) these are just a few suggestions in mind for some attacks.

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ok what would this is what i think im gonna make heres the story:

You live in a world divide by rich and poor people each year 5% of the poor go to the directors board to present their idea if you impress them you become rich… you play as a boy named Max Williams one day you make a robot prototype for the day your apart of the 5%. eventually the robot turns on and starts speaking this robot has feelings! The coding self structured and the AI was incredible, as the lonely days past, you and the robot become good friends but one day on the annual 5% selection the UPPER MEN STEAL YOUR ROBOT

I had an idea of a 2 player escape room

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thatd be pretty cool!