Any ideas for a game (pls click on)

Ok so if you go to my profile i have a geometry dash og version im making rn and then there is another game called BR0-K3N and i was thinking about a horror game but that seems to complicated
[any {ideas} (“and you can help me as well”)]
if you do help me here and there you will be credited in my game description!

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What about a dungeon game? Where you have a knight and the king is kidnapped? If you have indie, I can help!

i dont have indie just yet but i am getting it soon

Ok, when you do, I can help with it, and maybe we can add you to our team, my game company is Overma Games, and we were wondering what kind of game to make as well, and maybe you can join our company? We are working on about the same idea I have just gave you.

sounds good lets see i just might join your company but i have to get indie first

Ok, your welcome to join anytime!

Here is the link to it:
\-~Overma Games~-

Yay we may have a new member to Overma Games! :smiley: looking forward to whe u get indie. @BroBro2

yep ------------------------- :wink:

Do you have a speciality when it comes to flowlab? E.g mines pixel art

ehh i dont know ig i have ideas for games that no one has created like for instance lets say just flowlab in general…
i want to create a tower defense game that’s actually goof because there is only one on flowlab that is kinda decent but not really and if i joined your company you could do really good pixel art and me and game master could make movement of the enemies and stuff like that and actually make a good tower defense game


Yes great idea!

I agree, thats a good idea, I am NOT good at the art, but can do the coding and behaviors.

i think that in the future of flowlab they need to change the fact that you have to pay to work on a game together
buying more games and objects is understandable but like really?

Honestly, I feel the same. And I understand that you can only have 3 free games, but the lousy part is that you can only have 50 blocks, I think it should just be levels, not blocks, then it limits you.

yea it is kinda stupid

I get they are trying to make money though, I mean flowlab is so cool, they probably need quite a bit of money. So, I do get that though.

This is better than the alternative, which is that grazer goes bankrupt and Flowlab doesn’t exist anymore. If you suddenly make Indie accounts not worth it, who’s gonna pay for it? That’s when Flowlab doesn’t make any money, and everyone using this platform is screwed.

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Agreed. I do see that too.

I am thinking of getting indie.

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