Any ideas for a game

i want to make a game but i have no idea what to make one about any ideas

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Make a sci fi horror

Or a fantasy open world

Or this.

@meburningslime good ideas i don’t know what you meant by the last one tho lol!

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Me neither.

i suck at making sprites tho @meburningslime

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Make a game you can be passionate about. If you can provoke an emotion in a person when they’re playing the game then you’ve done well.

We have some good artists you can ask. I’ve tied up all of @glowbug’s time but there are still others, like @Greggo and @AbstractGallery.

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You could also take pixel art lessons. I myself am decent but not comparable to these masters.

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hmm what if i made a tetris game cuz its simple but fun and there are no good examples on flowlab of it

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I’m not even that good, why you going around calling me a master lol??

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Fun idea! Try making a twist on the game, like maybe reverse gravity or top-down.

Cough cough
3D drive.

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I’m here, what’d I miss?

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@meburningslime lmao but i have to figure out how too randomize not only the shape of the object that’s falling but also where its falling from and not only that i have to make it fall down by itself and you can move the object left and right while being able to rotate the object

Well, I guess, I know I’ve seen better, until you said differently I thought the art stank for that game.

Use the randomizer block and filters. Both are in Logic & Math.

did you guys read what i just said?

and @meburningslime ik i just dont know how to use them i think @JR01 or @grazer should help me/us cuz they are true masters