Any reviews on this game that I'm working on

this is now in alpha
This game will have more things in the full game, for example: the 6th game having a real story with character development etc.

(p.s im not that good at flowlab)


Welcome to the forums!

as for the actual game, something became apparent almost immediately:

the player character clones itself everytime a new level loads, was that intentional?

because it makes the game unplayable

ill update you when i make more progress

after playing a bit:

  • Levels overstay their welcome, long levels with boring, repetetive gameplay makes not want to continue at all
  • Controls are extremely janky, and sometimes the game decides to launch me into the stratosphere
  • Story is just gibberish

Honestly, you could convert this into a rage game and it would be way better

This has been: Brutally Honest Reviews

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i read this with a smile

this is a rage game but after the 6th game is done…

it will be a rage game with a story

the “levels” 1-5 are simply ports on past games while making zero progress to the real story (game 6). The game will be dumb and have troll elements in it. That explains the second level in the first game has 3 characters. It’s to make people mad.

the gameplay is going to drive players away from the real game hidden within

Then specifically tell them to access the real game using the Editor. That’s what I used to remove the extra players in level 2.

the extra players is not a glitch

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there is a way to skip level 2 in the first level

I know