Any tips for how I could make fun movement in a top-down game?

i want there to be fun movement in my new game, but it’s top down and I’ve never really done more with top down than basic walking around at a set speed, and a sprint.

any tips for something I could add to make movement more interesting?


Try a different element. Perhaps try the version where A and D rotate, W is forward, and S is backward.
You could also try something like a jump. It looks janky in top-down, but works. It was featured in the Avatar games for the DS, so you wouldn’t be the only one.


how do I change the size of the screenshot when I Play the game?

I’m not sure how this has any relevance to the topic. Maybe try making your own thread or replying to a newer thread that might have the same question. Your new, so I don’t expect you to know this already, but you should always keep in mind that what your posting must be relevant, or don’t post it at all. Thank you @vmarinelarena16