Anybody need a spooky example?

This shouldn’t be scary, but it is.

I’ll say! Default sprites are the spookiest thing there is! Made me shudder!


not to mention the difference in pixel sizes! really makes the hairs on my back stand on end


ik!!! the newest horror game–

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Scare your socks right off :upside_down_face:

Alright guys. @beanies_bugs @MelloJello @Baron_Wasteland @glowbug @BitWit
I fixed the game and spiced it up a little. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I did enjoy MWAHAHHAHHAH- cough cough 'scuse me

dont ask lmao

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I can see you’re trying to achieve atmosphere with the small view radius, so maybe dive into that and make the story happen in a darker setting. harsher contrast would work well also. make the area look spooky! (:

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How did you make the sprite in user interace follow the player?

ui objects always follow the camera
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