Anybody need... another example?

Started typing and instantly saw this:
Screenshot 2021-05-03 023532
So… I’ve been on a little of an example rampage. Just testing stuff out, then helping people out.
Here’s my latest, enjoy.


Eh, you could’ve just added a car sprite with run and jump…

How is this an example specifically?

It shows a Hill Climb Racing ragdoll style.

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Suggestion, sometime could you make an advanced physics rag doll example for us?

Sure. My main problem for this one was the sprite editor. The pixels can’t go small enough for me to draw smoother circles :confused:

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use pixlr, import the circle sprite into flowlab.

Meaning, make a 32x32 canvas, and use the circle tool lol

Ik, but that would take literal years to get the positioning right.

Or, here’s a circle sprite you could use and recolor:

Made it a while back for my golf game.

will try to use this. thonks.


If you need one bigger I can give bigger.

I need smaller, but yeah…

Just size it down with code?

Not right now. I seem to have a fix to my problem… Thickness of the blocks stops the links from passing through.

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