Anyone have a enemy sprite and animation?

ok so for my game R-O-B-O I have 2 enemies already and I need 1 more + a boss sprite but I think i’m gonna make the boss sprite myself
enemies i alr have:
also neither of those i made to empathise but i did tweak end edit the slime on also the ghostro sprite i tweaked a little to just not much
the reason im making the boss alone is cuz i have an idea in mind but don’t think anyone would help!
either way anyone want to show off your talent for my 3rd enemy? you’d be placed here for anyone who helps even if its a small thing


Sorry I don’t have any art for you but I do have an Idea for the 3rd enemy, Since you have a slime and the main character looks sci-fi maybe you should do a robotic slime. It’s a smaller slime in an exosuit to give it limbs and more abilitys


thad be cool all tho that astronaut thing isnt the main char lol but cool idea

Oh yeah just rwealized that lol


You mean something like this? (quick sketch, but u get the idea)

It need to have a torso, and the slime for the head peice, Also maybe make a spider slime mech as well

kinda cool actually also heres the game link:

its a work in progress but it has a lot in store for it eventually the game will have 2 or 3 classes you get to choose from but you’ll only be able to choose one forever unless you (restart)
inside of which class you choose they will have unique skill trees which cool abilities that aren’t on the others some abilities will be on all the others i call the difference between them (skill upgrades and skill drops)
Also this game is playable right now just not much you can do yet (same upgrades is stuff like fire rate,damage etc.)

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for the classes in my game i was thinking
(Mage(aka wizard / healing))
(Warrior(aka the offense))

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crazy (and really impressive) that you did all this in free flowlab

yea im not even anywhere close to being done with it and it already lags sometimes

and thats not impressive yet compared to my other two games which are sadly also not done but very close actually

now bobs nightmare td looks simple but the code took me for ever because 1 i figured it all out by my self for the most part and 2 trying to do what i did with the mouse thing is really hard and i havent seen anyone else do it like that

i was not expecting so many enemies in the 1st wave lol

i only put 1 tower

ya those aren’t waves yet lmao thats just a timer that goes off at a certain point so its a infinite round that gets increasingly harder