Anyone have experience with Distance Formula?

So I used the distance formula and now Olivia and Michael aren’t following the player, instead, they move up a little and then stop, not even following the player when they are supposed to, would anyone happen to know how to fix this?

I tried using switches and globals to tell the teammate when it’s the right time to follow the player or another teammate to revive them, etc, but it still didn’t work.

i have a lot of experience with distance formula. used it all the time.

What are you using it for? Are you making them stop when they get close to the player?

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So basically the teammate will move in certain situations so normally, the teammates will follow the player, but when a teammate or the player needs to be revived, it will switch off of just following the player, it will go to whatever teammate/player needs to be revived and revive them then it will switch back to just following the player, sorry if that’s confusing.

Why do you need distance formula? Couldn’t you just use a router to route which player’s pos to go to?

Uhh…I didn’t think of that. To be honest, I don’t know how to use the router.

It’s simple, just use the select specific output option and what ever number you put into the select input will control which output comes out

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Sorry, but, could you give a visual example? If that’s fine with you.

Okay, I’m gonna have to figure out how to put this in there and it’s messing with my brain about how exactly I’m supposed to do it. (I’m still confused)