Anyone want to do a collab with me?

I’m really bored and am looking for something to do. If someone wants to make a game with me, please let me know.

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What game? Tycoon? Will it be isometric or a platformer? Please write a short description of what you would want the game to be like.

I’m waiting for someone to say yes first. Then I’ll decide with them.

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are you interested? Or not?

I would but I have too many projects to work on already, meaning no.

Could I help you? I’m pretty good at coding

I have the basic coding done for the level, now all I need to do is make the level longer.

I can do that. I enjoy doing repetitive work.

This is the latest part I’ve done. I’m going to make a rock-land next with many ruins and old structures. I cannot add you to the group, but do you have any ideas on what ruin I should make first?

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2 things.

1, why can’t you add me to the group?

2, I suggest a mineshaft type thing, or maybe a jungle aztec temple

It is a carefully planned development group and I can’t just go and add anyone.

It’s fantasy, but I might be able to make some sort of large, ruined temple.

Do you even know who the aztecs are?

Yes, of course I do. This game follows the same storyline as one of my book series. The ancient temples look like a mix in-between ancient roman and aztec temples.

ok, now just hear me out…

i can collab with you

Well, there you go! Both of you are hopefully satisfied.