Anyone want to rate my Super Mario Bros. Game?

Its still a work in progress but here it is Flowlab Game Creator - Super Mario Bros. (WIP).


Well I like the art and animations but here are some things I notices

  1. Whenever I clip the side of the pipe I get launched into the air
  2. No sounds?
  3. Maybe put a start button?
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It’s a great start!!! As good as sounds could make it my own games don’t have any so I have no right to complain there, also close off the left so players don’t fall out. Over all I’d say keep going, I want to fight Bowser!


Same. :rofl: Now when it comes to rescuing Peach, someone else can do that. :joy:

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Nice! This Mario remake feels very smooth compared to all the other ones in my opinion.
its a me mario in flowlab!
I think you should add a short invisible but still solid half-block there to stop the Goombas from falling off at the edge.

If I’m not mistaken, I do think that Goombas walk off the edge, at least in the original Mario. Same with the green koopas.
I think the Red koopas are the only ones that will stay on their respective platform.

I was planning to add a ray cast actually so they wouldn’t but thanks you for the suggestion!

Yeah, that would be pretty cool, i just need to finish my main blocks then i can get into the fun stuff!

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Actually im bad at ray casts ima just let em fall :skull:


That’s actually good in my opinion, since in the actual mario bros all enemies fall off ledges unless they’re a red koopa troopa. I love the mario series so I know this fact by heart. :+1: The canon is now stable. (That was a reference to a movie by the way)