APK (Android Games) Will Not Open

APKs used to export before FlowLab exporting was down. After this error was fixed, APKs were installed on my device but would not open. It says “app not installed”. To make sure that this was a FlowLab issue I tried another app development site. Made a simple app and exported it to Android. That application opened with no problems. So it seems to be an issue with FlowLab directly. I would hate to leave FlowLab but if this issue can’t be resolved I might have to.

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Grazer is trying to fix this.


Alrighty, that’s good. So are you also experiencing this issue?

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I haven’t tested it yet but I heard multiple people have had the same problems.


Okay, was just curious.

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yes having the same problem i hope it gets fixed soon so i can test my games on mobile


Yeah, same here. I haven’t been able to test for weeks.