App And Multiplayer

I think that there should be an app for flowlab, as without it people creating apps can’t properly test it. And it would make it easier to make games wherever you are. Also, multiplayer across devices. I think there should be a way to do this. Maybe with an account? Please reply.

You can get download your game and export it as an app if you’re a paid member. Idk about multiplayer, it would probably hardly be used because not many people tend to play the same game at the same time, without friends or classmates.

I think they mean a mobile editor, which I requested for phones and tablets, because using Puffin flash on my phone is absolute garbage for working on games. Anyone that uses it has the patience of a saint.

@“Mhx Ar” I think the app is only for testing. So when you make a change to your game, you can instantly test it on your phone.

…guess Im a saint then, because that was how I did the majority of SB3

Unless you are using a tablet, you are a trooper. I even have a stylus for my relatively large phone and I still can’t click anything or see anything.

That’s how flowlab originally worked with the exporter, any updates you made online with automatically update in the app once you connected to the internet. I thought it was pretty cool, because I could work on my game on the computer, connect my phone to my Wi-Fi, and all the updates would already be in the app without having to download a new version. It seems like that was removed before adding the save feature, because the save feature would probably mess up the mobile version, if you edited it online. However, I don’t really know when or why it was removed.

Oh that’s interesting, didn’t know it used to exist.

I use my phone for just about everything

i made multi player a thing heres my game:

did it work?