app needed

you should make a flowlab app on the appstore so we can work on our games on our devicey type thingies

I know right!

Get this. You can use media fire to download apps, it’s what I do

That sounds pretty cool. If the engine or software used in the creation of Flowlab, I think it would be cool if (like when I access the forums on a mobile device) there’s a mobile format site for the created games that are sent to it upon exporting games to an app. This function could use a check box option so the creator can decide if they want their mobile game published to this site, or mobile formatted Flowlab ( or something like that, for the flowlab app to access. There, a person could download any mobile game created in flowlab, have access to the forums, and even a chat room could be included. Grazer, if you ever decide to do any of this, you could even have a “merchandise” tab, where people could purchase things, such as sprites, memberships, and other things to support Flowlab.

@leonknighte Awesome idea! @grazer