arrow keys make my whole screen move

the left and right keys make my player move but also keep scrolling my whole screen too , only happens with one of my games . maybe the camera in the behavior settings is the issue ? if anyone has experienced this too and can help me out ? :slight_smile:

im talking about my literal laptop not in game , but it doesnt do this when i play everyone elses game

Yes, I know what you are talking about.
The description of your game has no lines, just a big line, so it does that to fit in the whole description. Fix it by adding paragraph breaks.

If your still confused, could you leave a link to your game.

thanks bro , i got it and here is a link if you wanna test it for me anyway lmk what you think so

its called Nordic Tales

Ok ill give it a shot!

thank you

I think that the animation priorities could have some work, but overall the game looks beautiful and plays well! You should have @BitWit review it!

thank you for the feedback