Art for beginners (Artist book)

I will be starting a little book on here where I’ll share tips on how I do my art and tricks to become better.

Here are the list of chapters :slight_smile: :

Chapter 1: Your Best Friends, Shapes
Chapter 2: Foot loose
Chapter 3: Experiment
Chapter 4: Circles Problem
Chapter 5: Shading Styles
Chapter 6: Be Yourself
Chapter 7: Find Your Style
Chapter 8: Be Flexible
Chapter 9: Black Square Problem


If you wish to add chapters you may ask me and explain what you mean.

___________________ Chapter 1 ______________________

____________________ Your Best Friends, Shapes! ______________________

So, when you start a drawing you probably want to get right into the creation of it, but that’s where most mess up. When I say shapes are your best friends, what I’m meaning is that they are what you need to start a drawing with since they will be your guidelines. If you are wanting to draw a face a circle is the best thing to start out with since most heads are rounded. To get the length of the face use lines coming down from the middle of the circle extending farther than the circle. Make triangles to connect the circle to the bottom of the line with triangles. When you are wanting to place your eyes make a line connecting one side of the head to the other, many people think that eyes are higher up your face because of your hairline but this is not true, the eyes need to be in the middle of your face. Put the dots on either side of the line but make sure to keep a big enough gap for a nose, draw an oval around that dot. The nose will be placed below the eyes, the bottom of the nose should cover the ground between the two eyes. The mouth should have a little room below the nose, that should be a line. Tada you drew a face with shapes.


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