Atari's Pong Ported to flowlab

i remade pong, why? i dont even know, i just wanted to see what i can remake in the game engine

PONG (C) 1972 Atari Inc.


Nice remake. I’d recommend changing the collision to a square and adding more sound effects, particles and music! (Maybe you could add game modes that change the computer’s speed?)

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I played the game and its pretty similar to the one grazer made a while back ago. One issue I had is that the ball kept colliding with stuff, even in mid screen and bounce back to the opponent’s side. Which the ball got stuck in a loop where it will bounce from the enemies side hit the bottom wall and bounce back and it went on for like 30 points until it eventually glitched and bounce at a different angle.
In the original pong, every-time a point is made the ball is put back in the center and it starts again. Maybe you could have a two player?
Also the paddle (whatever it is) should be delayed. You know how fast the enemy is moving, you should be moving around the same pace to make it a little more challenging.
Just some ideas, trying not to be too critically, but that would be cool to see some of these features in it.

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The object is randomly bouncing because the collision type is a circle and when it collided with certain things it doesn’t know what side of the object it’s colliding with, change it to a square and the problem should be fixed.

good idea, but i want to stay ture to the original pong


I like that statement, stay strong :muscle: