Attacher not attaching


I am toying with the idea of dialogue bubbles when the player is near things or people. I was first using Proximity to trigger a message above the item or person and then checking if the player was near it in order to display the message. But I’m not sure if I like that as the player moves he leaves his dialogue behind him. I am trying out using the Attacher function to display the message.

As I understand this, it is useful for attaching temporary items like swords, magic hats, etc without drawing and uploading unique sprite animations for each that include both the object and the player. I thought maybe I could make my 96x96 character 128x96 and then have dialogue box space above him that attaches to the player sprite for a time so it stays with him as he moves. I was too lazy in the example to build each sprite frame higher just to test this out, so I made a box that fills the top 32 pixels of the player’s 96 pixel height (it should display across the top of the player’s head, basically). I would make new sprites if this worked. But as you can see in my game, the attached object still stays put and the player still leaves it behind. What am I not understanding?

I have also tried using the Emitter to display the message box above, and it works, but that function also detaches from the player sprite since that is the whole point of the Emitter function.

Any advice? Otherwise, I also thought of stopping gameplay/player movement until the player clicks or presses a key to continue on.

Help me, FlowLab community, you are my only hope…

Thanks once again!

OK, I figured out I needed to make the text box object moveable and now it does follow the player. But the positioning is wrong. Any idea what could be wrong?


The positioning is annoying. It for no reason centers itself on a player. It didn’t used to do this, but a few months ago, now it does. I assume it is because most people attach a gun, and guns should be centered. Hopefully @grazer has a better reply than I do.

Thanks! It’s important to know the quirks of FlowLab. Glad I’m not just going crazy (well, at least in this instance…). I guess I will try something else.