Attaching a Health Bar to the Physical Location of a Player

Hi! A student is making a fighting game. He wants to have the health bar move on the screen relative to the player (hovering above). Can anyone point me to any examples of this or explain how this might be done? I don’t think I’ve seen it on here yet.

player health example

I apologize. I think I did a poor job of explaining the desired outcome. How could have a mini health bar that floats above the players head and moves along with them on the screen (left when they move left, etc.).


@seamothmaster45 You don’t even understand what creahmc is talking about. He wants a health bar that is always above the head of the player. Not a bar that moves along with the camera.

@creahmc A while ago I made this example game that has health bars above enemies:

You could do the same thing but for your player. Note that you have to make a health bar object yourself with all possible values in an animation. You can’t use the standard bar behavior block.

I’m sorry I thought that is what they were wanting I see now I was wrong.

Wow! Thank you both for just taking the time to provide advice. I will share this with my student…setting up our health bar seems a little intimidating, but I’m sure we can do it!