Attachment issues (haha)

hiii! I’m having some issues with my game currently (found here):

Specifically, I want the PC (WEEVIL) to “pick up” the slime jar upon delivering the “TICKET” item to the NPC slug (MARGARITA SLIME). Right now, I am trying to achieve this by turning the jar invisible upon spawning. It is meant to turn visible and attach itself to the weevil upon the ticket’s collision with the NPC. What am I missing? The weevil has also been inexplicably duplicating itself sometimes but idk if its related or just. a strange separate issue. Thank you!


UPDATE- in my attempt to fix it I completely deleted my player character and all animations/ code :sob: thankfully the art is backed up elsewhere but needless to say the issue has been solved for now. (no pc, no issue with attaching object to pc) (this is just for anyone attempting to help it is completely unfixable rn)


@grazer can probably revert it back to a previous back up version if you want? @rainyteddy

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too late, its fixed! good to know for the future though :man_bowing: and it DID solve the original issue for the record!