Alright you Elucidator wielders, I decided to make a game based on Alfheim Online. Its still a work in progress, so if there is any constructive criticism for the game, please post it here!
WAD to Move, Spam W to fly/jump
Spacebar to use your blades.
The Game Is Here
@jngthree @grazer @leonknighte

I honestly think it came out good (So far) but i will probably add a couple more classes such as the Pyromancer(Feir), which can make fire shields and shoot fireballs
and the Archer, which can move faster and shoot arrows.
Also: if ANYONE happens to know how to make melee attacking rather than projectile attacking, please let me know!! Thank You!

No idea what alfheim is, but seems promising

Look it up, it is this game… No, just look up Sword Art Online, its a show, and is about video games. Thanks also!

Okay, i took a look at the game. And one thing is for sure. You have to move the moment you start the game else you get shot, and the level doesnt restart after death, so fourth making it impossible to restart without refreshing.

Next, the art scheme is out of whack. You need to make sure the amount of detail in one object will equal the amount with everything else, from a random persons POV- they’d say the graphics are not good. HOWEVER, there is a LOT of potential. So dont lose your motive and make it happen!!!

Alright thanks, I will definitely look into that!

You have to move from the beginning to add some challenge to the game…
Did you look at the other levels? They were WAY easier than the first fight area.


Ok, if you look at the Flame Shield on level 3, you can see i worked much harder on the graphics… I just finished making it look nicer.