Audio carries over to next level - [BUG]

My music object is set to keep on level restart, and it has a once input going into a looping song. The problem is, I want different music for my boss level, but the music keeps playing in the boss level even though the object is not in the level (and again, it’s not on keep between levels, its only on keep on level restart).
When I play the level straight from the editor, the song won’t play because the object isn’t in that level. but when I go from level 5 to 6 (level with music object to level without), the song continues playing. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I tried this solution:
but this doesn’t work?? I’m very confused. this may be a bug.


ah, forgot the link.

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music does not currently work between levels, so your best bet is asking grazer for a hotfix

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So this seems to be a bug with keep on level restart of the object.
The music is acting like its set to keep between levels, even though the object doesn’t exist on the boss level. The music only restarts when a new object in a different level activates once. But since its set to keep on level restart, your solution would be to add the music object on the boss level so the filter can shut the music off.

But its still a bug, the music shouldn’t carry over to other levels if the object is set to that, only on restart of the current level.

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