Audio issues in Chrome/Chromium/Edge

So a few people have been reporting audio problems this week. As it turns out, Chrome latest (v92) and other browsers based on it (e.g. Edge) have some new audio code that breaks sound playback in Flowlab after a certain number of sounds are played.

Although I try to avoid making changes during the game jam, this was important enough to warrant an update. I just deployed a fix for the audio code that should resolve the problem in Chrome, so if you have been encountering this problem please clear your browser cache and try it out.

Also, anyone please let me know if you think this update has introduced any new audio issues for you.



At least the flowjams can give you an idea of things that need to be fixed, since a lot of users are making games.

Thanks for the bug fix, I was having this issue in my game jam game too.


I don’t know if this corresponds at all because I’m on Firefox, but my sound effects have been broken since this morning.


Have you tried to clear your browser cache?

If you don’t know how-to, here’s how:
How to clear the Firefox cache | Firefox Help (


I have, and that fixed a few of my problems, but not all of them. For instance, if you collect two or three coins in quick succession, only one ‘collected’ noise will sound.


I am also experiencing audio problems despite clearing my cache. And I am currently using Google Chrome.

To clarify what exactly I am experiencing, if an object plays a sound, then all other objects will be unable to play that sound until it ends. Say that there are two enemies that are supposed to play the “damage 1” sound effect whenever they get injured. In the past, if I made an attack that hit the first enemy, then the second enemy 0.5 seconds later, both enemies would play the “damage 1” sound. But now, if I were to repeat this same scenario, only the first enemy would play the sound effect, while the other enemy will be completely mute.
It also prevents an object from playing the same sound multiple times. Say that the player decides to do 3 consecutive jumps, similar to the recipe to performing the triple jump in Super Mario. Normally, each time the player jumped, a jump sound effect would play out with each jump. But now, the audio would only play on the first jump, and wouldn’t play during the other two jumps. It would just be dead silent.
There is one last audio issue that I have been experiencing. The Sound Effect Behavior will stop previewing audio entirely if that audio has already been played during playtesting. Even if you shift the volume, change the sound effect, or use another Sound Effect Behavior (whether it is new or not), the audio will not be previewed.

I’ve already tried clearing my browser cache and cookies, and the problem still shows up.


… and here I thought I had waved a magic wand or something.

My audio was broken up until today, which was causing me madness and undue delays trying to fix it (when I could have been adding more content). Started working on my project today and the sounds are mostly now all working as intended.

So the fix seemed to work for me, at least (Microsoft Edge, because I’m a rebel LOL). I’m sorry if it broke anyone else’s. :frowning_face: