Australians unite

This is a chatroom for australians, by australians, of australians. If you wanna have a chat about the land down under, or have any questions about australia, this is where you can ask. You don’t have to be australian to chat here, but expect a lot of aussies on this thread.

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Hello, how are you? I am under the water

The flowlab community is diverse on the origin of the users, but it’s also quite small. I think a majority of the users here are in the US and you’re the first Australian user that I know of.

Also if it’s just a chat room, you could just stick with the otc since this doesn’t offer much else other than just a chat room. Which was what the otc was originally designed to do, was to help limit the creation of discussions like this.


But, I mean, don’t you have some questions about Australia?

Usually speaking about each other’s countries or homelands is kind of a private matter, but I see where you get at.

But the otc still provides the same function, if someone did have a question, it’ll still be easy to ask.

Personally, I don’t have any questions myself, but more people are aptitude to see it on the otc since it’s more popular and viewed than most discussions on the forums.

yeah, but wouldn’t it be annoying to try to find out about australia while a bunch of other people talk about fortnite or something?

If it’s between only two users, then I recommend private messages if no one else will listen, that way it prevents the amount of public posting. But like I said, the community here is very small compared to other platforms so most of the users here are usually busy with unrelated matters to spend much time on the forums.

so, are you saying I should delete this?

Ignore the thread above, I’m not deleting this. If you have any questions for aussies, you can ask them here.

I’m not saying you should, and I wasn’t trying to be rude about it. But most topics on the forums are generally for game development and updates or asking questions about code or art, and so the otc was used to help filter everything into a single discussion so many random ones aren’t being made.
I’m not forcing you to do it, but I just recommend it.
Cause there have been so many discussions, similar to this, that were completely unrelated to flowlab entirely and the forums were originally designed for other users and developers to help grow together.

yeah, but, Why can’t this also exist. I just want to have a popular thread which people will visit often.



finally! someone who gets me!

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How are you today? you good?


you still on? sorry I left:/

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ur on?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! how?!

Do the toilets really flush in reverse?


nope. but whenever you’re outside, you’re never more than 6 feet away from a spider.

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sorry to disappoint you.

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