Avatars For The Arena Game

I am making pretty decent progress on the number of avatars, I have gotten a good stockpile of what people want, Currently I have about 7 sprites and animations for the game- Flowlab Game Creator - Boingo . I made this post for people who would like to be featured in my game, to be featured you need to Request what kind of sprite you want to represent your avatar(which is what represents your flowlab Profile, name, picture and your general personality, but its up to you how you want be represented) the options for sprites include, but are not limited to-
Dragons, Robots, Cyborgs, Robots, Slimes, Liches, Skeletons, ETC. I have a massive stock of sprites so you simply need to ask, if you would like a custom sprite, give me a general image of what you would like as a sprite for your avatar and I will have my artist make it for you!
This Game is a Fighting Game that has Level-Up elements, your avatars will be fought vs my avatar-Reality Glitch, story I will only say-"Reality Glitch is thrown into this arena, pinned a powerfull foe, The Undying, He thinks that The Undying is forcing these avatars to fight…the great reveal will shock all.