Avoid Mouse Test!

Hi! It’s Baconcat008, and I made a new quick test game :3
Move the cursor to push the cube around, When you’re closer, it turns yellow, and if it’s really close, it’ll turn red!

Textures: Baconcat008
Code: Baconcat008
Thanks for Playing!

This could make a very unique game - very nice work! Never thought of something like this:)

Thank you! I could try to make a game out of it, I wouldnt really know how to start tho, Any ideas?
(ill credit the one i choose)

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I’m thinking somethin’ like a ton of obstacles - like a platformer form of flappy bird. Moving obstacles going up and down, left to right, to add more timing aspects to the gameplay. Perhaps some bounce pads, too.

hmm ok, Ill make a cpy of the game and then share my progress, Thanks for the idea!

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There was a youtuber who made a game jam game with this mechanic.

huh, cool! I did’t think i was the first one to make a game out of this lol.

Keep the block up!!! (and get a reward hehehe)

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WOW!!! This is increds! Would make a very annoying clicker game (a button that doesn’t want to be clicked.)

You should add notes to the code, so we know what’s happening

Click the button!! (Oh yeah the button hates you…)

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