Awakening its back!

Im back to work!!!
I just added the controls to the menu screen…And I’ll add so much more!

Any idea or recommendation it is appreciated!

play here:

Oh! Thxs so much for the almost 2000 Plays and the 30 Favorites! Love you all! Thxs for all support!!

Glad to hear you are back on it :slight_smile:

@grazer :smiley:

i like it

thxs @DarkPhantom

glad to see ur continuing the game, its a very cool concept with great art!

thxs @henf25


Vaahs: Older son/daughter who fights in the Vaahul Tournament, in the name of his Father (named to superior).

Vaahul Tournament: Battle between Vaahs.

Superior: Who rules the whole earth

Vepo: time that a Superior reigns (1,000 years)

Vuuk: Sickle-shaped weapon used to kill the “superior”.

since ever, Earth has respected the 10 commandments of equilibrium.

Commandment 1- The “superior” can’t reign more or less than Vepo unless he is assassinated.

Commandment 2- At the end of each Vepo, all the rational beings of the Earth are summoned for the appointment of a new “superior”.

Commandment 3- All rational beings who miss the appointment must die.

Commandment 4 - Whoever proclaims himself “superior” must send his Vaah to fight, in his name, in the Tournament of Vaahul.

Commandment 5- The Vaahul Tournament will run for 20 days.

Commandment 6- During the Battle of Vaahul, all murders will be valid, even those of those who are not competing to be “superior”. The Murders can be anywhere at any time, excluding sacred zones such as churches and cemeteries.

Commandment 7- The Father of the victorious Vaah will become “superior” and have dominion over the Earth and all that dwells in it during his Vepo.

Commandment 8-The “superior” will have eternal life until his Vepo is finished, but him can be killed by a Vuuk.

Commandment 9 - If the “superior” is murdered, his Vaah becomes “superior” entitled to a new Vepo.


People should camp out in churches or cemeteries (lol)

I’d bury myself- with supplies that would last me…

Ahahaahhahaah… churches will be full and then people dont have safe places anymore xD

I would establish a cemetery at my house

“jngthree can you place these roses in front of the great-great-great-grandfather’s cousin’s friend’s grandfather’s friend’s dog’s playmate donkey’s new master’s friend’s grandson’s grave?” -your mom every morning


Sam would just explode and nuke everyone…

“See ya on the flip side!!” BOOM!

Uhh These sprites for the game are from duelyst

No they aren’t :neutral:

Uhhhh i did them… Im artist from Duelyst…
The sprites that i do i send them too… you should search before accuse

@Shagsinthebag :wink: :neutral: