AWAKENING UPDATE 0.04 Added Story and much more

Its been a while since Awakening gets a real update. So here goes an HUGE EPIC REAL UPDATE. I added a Menu, a Save system (feel free to exit whenever you want when you come back just click on continue and enjoy the rest of your journey) and most important the epic adventure. Trust me you dont want to miss that :wink: oh and btw there are multiple paths on the game Choose wisely.



  • Added Company Intro
  • Added and updated Menu (arcade not available anymore)
  • Added Save System ( Sin saver and Local Saver)
  • Added Sin Score for Testing purposes (upper left corner)
  • Added Tutorial (updated the controls and better interface)
  • Added I can talk now
  • More and more Bugfixing
  • Added ENTIRE Forest Biome:
    SugarMoon check it by yourself
    Vamor Centaur Boss
    Lorenz Butterfly Woman Boss
    Places, Cutscenes, choices, etc.

In the next update:
Initial Cutscenes

I would love to know if you defeated them or what your choices were…
All feedback is appreciated


I’ve constantly wondered how you come up with the designs for these characters and enemies. They’re so detailed and only 3 colors. Meanwhile I can’t think of anything but alien bugs and dragons.

@CrimsonBlackGames @“Mhx Ar”

Thank you so much guys :blush:

I really like the new update, it feels like you’ve started pushing to develop the entire game.

Interesting bugs I found.

If you kill the village guy in the tutorial before the music plays, the music plays forever until the butterfly boss. It plays in the graveyard and also in the centaur boss battle with his music overlapping. It might stop playing if you die but I didn’t die, so I don’t know.

I killed the big centipede and enemies stopped spawning so I had to reset.

Shooting the butterfly girl before she can transform the centipedes makes her bounce around and doesn’t seem to kill her. Maybe she is unfinished.

@Luminous yes I am really focused on this lately :smiley: I’m glad u like it.

@“Mhx Ar” Thank you so much for letting me know of theses bugs.

Bug 1 (Music Continue playing): It might be a flowlab problem because I can’t do the bug happen even if I kill her the fastest possible the music always ends up fading to the ambient music.

Bug 2 (Big Centipede Bug): Thank you for warning me that. I think it’s fixed now.

Bug 3: (Butterfly girl bounce): She is finished. Well that was suppose to happen. I want to the player shoots her before she reaches any centipede (you have to shoot her 5 times)… Isn’t suppose to “bounce” but just only to go up and do the normal movement. ( I just tried and that’s what happens I guess… she just goes up)

In that case, give her a hurt animation so you can tell she is fleeing instead of bouncing up. I didn’t know it was 5 hits, I got 4 hits and landed on a centipede lol.

Yeah I think I will do that… everyone needs an hurt animation. Maybe a non-complex animation just an red flash animation to show they were hit. @“Mhx Ar”

Thank you again

I added an hurt animation to butterfly woman… Will add to everyone soon

So, you can’t see the general health bar, but you can see that the enemy’s hurt if he starts limping or bleeding?

You just gave me an idea @Luminous

maybe I could do just some blood particles (they appear with the arrow collision)… instead of adding annimations (1 red frame) to everyone…

Blood is cooler… And yap I don’t want to people to know how much health is left… it kinda removes the funny and hard part

Usually I just spam arrows off screen and kill the boss before I can even see them. Maybe add weight to the arrows so they fall down.

:open_mouth: THIS IS SUCH A NICE IDEA… I really didn’t like the part of the player can kill the boss like that… thank you so muuchhhhh @“Mhx Ar”

YASSS hype

Alright guys… This update came up with a lot of bugs… I will let you know when I fix them all.

Ooh bugs, fun. Hopefully you isolated them early so they’re easy to fix. Nothing’s worse than bugs that get away and mess up other parts of the game later on.

yah love your game bro

I see the butterfly girl gets frozen now.
Oh, remember how I said the Hapru boss had terrible hitboxes? I fixed it.
Make the Hapru boss a Capsule instead of a Rectangle. You might have to double check a few times to make sure it stays a Capsule when you refresh. As a Capsule, you are able to jump before the horns and land on the Hapru’s back, instead of Rectangle killing you even if you aren’t even touching the Hapru’s body.

As for the Hapru Laser, use this script. It disables the laser until the animation has played a 4 frames, and also increases alpha from 0 so the laser fades in rather than just appears. This gives you a chance to jump while the laser isn’t fully powered, instead of killing you when nothing is there, because the animation hasn’t played yet.

{"behavior":{"nodes":[{"inputCount":3,"tag":null,"behaviorType":"logic.logic.Value","outputCount":1,"x":1170,"id":"b9f491317868224a","startVal":0,"group":"","name":"Number","y":-128},{"inputCount":2,"behaviorType":"","outputCount":2,"x":900,"id":"b9f49131810cbd49","group":"","name":"Enabled","y":320},{"inputCount":3,"tag":"","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Value","outputCount":1,"x":720,"id":"b9f49140aeb41440","startVal":4,"group":"","name":"Number","y":64},{"inputCount":1,"behaviorType":"","outputCount":1,"x":1350,"id":"b9f49140b9b0ab48","group":"","name":"Alpha","y":-96},{"inputCount":3,"behaviorType":"","outputCount":2,"animationName":"My Animation 1","name":"Animation","loop":false,"x":990,"playAll":false,"y":160,"lastFrameSticky":false,"id":"b9f49140a3ab3c48","group":"0"},{"inputCount":0,"behaviorType":"logic.triggers.Always","outputCount":1,"x":810,"id":"b9f49131c161b943","group":"0","name":"Always","y":160},{"inputCount":1,"behaviorType":"logic.components.Destroyer","outputCount":1,"x":1260,"id":"b9f49131bf8d0d41","group":"0","name":"Destroyer","y":192},{"inputCount":3,"id":"b9f491318dd5b94b","group":"","behaviorType":"logic.triggers.Timer","outputCount":1,"x":630,"delay":4,"count":1,"name":"Timer","y":256},{"inputCount":0,"behaviorType":"logic.triggers.Once","outputCount":1,"x":450,"id":"b9f49140326cd54e","group":"","name":"Once","y":192,"resetOnLevelStart":false},{"inputCount":3,"tag":null,"behaviorType":"logic.logic.Value","outputCount":1,"x":720,"id":"b9f491403ec56f4d","startVal":0,"group":"","name":"Number","y":-128}],"links":[{"input_id":"b9f491317868224ai0","output_id":"b9f491403ec56f4do0"},{"input_id":"b9f491317868224ai2","output_id":"b9f49140aeb41440o0"},{"input_id":"b9f49140b9b0ab48i0","output_id":"b9f491317868224ao0"},{"input_id":"b9f49131810cbd49i0","output_id":"b9f491318dd5b94bo0"},{"input_id":"b9f49131810cbd49i1","output_id":"b9f49140326cd54eo0"},{"input_id":"b9f49140aeb41440i1","output_id":"b9f49131c161b943o0"},{"input_id":"b9f49140a3ab3c48i0","output_id":"b9f49131c161b943o0"},{"input_id":"b9f49131bf8d0d41i0","output_id":"b9f49140a3ab3c48o1"},{"input_id":"b9f49140aeb41440i1","output_id":"b9f49131c161b943o0"},{"input_id":"b9f49140a3ab3c48i0","output_id":"b9f49131c161b943o0"},{"input_id":"b9f49131bf8d0d41i0","output_id":"b9f49140a3ab3c48o1"},{"input_id":"b9f491318dd5b94bi0","output_id":"b9f49140326cd54eo0"},{"input_id":"b9f49131810cbd49i0","output_id":"b9f491318dd5b94bo0"},{"input_id":"b9f491403ec56f4di1","output_id":"b9f49140326cd54eo0"},{"input_id":"b9f491318dd5b94bi0","output_id":"b9f49140326cd54eo0"},{"input_id":"b9f49131810cbd49i1","output_id":"b9f49140326cd54eo0"},{"input_id":"b9f491403ec56f4di1","output_id":"b9f49140326cd54eo0"}],"v":"2"}}

@“Mhx Ar” Yap… I know how to fix it (butterfly)… It’s quite simple… but the thing is I just have enough time to work on weekend so yeah…

Uhhh yes! Thank you so much for the help, really <3

Btw the Hapru boss is a Boss that I just did what I had in mind in the moment… just a concept.
I want to make it more complex…

Thxs again

Oh btw what do you think of the new arrow? It’s good like this?

It all looks fine. Keep up the good work.