AWAKENING UPDATE 0.05 Added a “before everything” Story aka Cinematics

Hello everyone again! This update will clarify all your questions about Awakening universe, who is who, what he is doing, what is going on and etc.
You can play it here:



  • Changued Company Intro
  • Updated Tutorial (now people really do understand that they can choose)
  • More and more Bugfixing
  • Changued Butterfly Woman Boss (added more sounds and fixed all the bugs… I guess and I hope)
    btw after you kill this Boss you can’t play more because doesn’t exist YET.

In the next update:
Semi-Open World (this update will be huge… it will be 3 new biomes to explore…because of this it will take a little longer)

Thank you so much for reading and all the support you guys give me :heart:
All feedback is appreciated

and if you find a bug please tell me or if my english is wrong :sweat_smile: ahah

The English could use a little work, but otherwise it looks fantastic!

PixelPizza is foreign to English. He can go over the game and fix the grammar before releasing it. It’s still very good for not being a first language.

If someone wants to help me with the translations I would be grateful

I would if I wasn’t gonna be at work til 3am over here. That’s another 6 hours almost, and I’ve already been here 4 hours. Maybe Monday I’ll have time.

That sounds bad… good luck and dont forget to sleep. You don’t need to do it rn. Ty anyways
@“Mhx Ar”

I haven’t even gotten 5 hours of sleep any night for the last 3 weeks. I’m pretty much living off of the energy from pre-workout and amino acids. It’s fine though, I’m used to not really getting any sleep. I’m a polyphasic sleeper, and I get most of my rest from meditation. The only reason I can’t do it tonight, is because if I get off work at 3, I’ll get home around 4, and I want to eat something before I go to sleep. By the time I go to sleep, the sun will be coming up between 6 and 7. Then I have to get up and go back to work at noon. That being said, I’ll get off work at 10 tomorrow, so if I go to sleep at a reasonable time. I’ll probably wake up around 4 to 5 a.m., and do some work on my laptop before getting breakfast and going to the gym.

The English wasn’t really my main point, but ok (lol)
It’s all just minor stuff, I think. There was about 1 or 2 that made me feel awkward, but the rest is great.

As long as it’s not “all your base are belong to us” Engrish, you can get away with most stuff, but if you sell a game, it’s best to polish every detail to get the best reviews.

Besides the awful translation, the game was good, but it’s best just to be safe, because the last thing that you need is to become a meme like this game did.

That is just hilarious XD


Awakening Forum Update. (The game received a small patch and a lot of Concepts) Im really trying to finish this game. Wow, this became so much bigger than I ever imagined when I drew the first Fernando.

At this time without any public activity on Awakening. It has received some small but notable improvements (Bug fixes, Adding Sounds, Sprites Improvement, Dialog changes and Bosses Behaviours changes ).
By the time I was on vacation and could not work digitally I got a lot of inspiration. Making me draw a lot of conceptual art (for biomes, characters, secondary missions, weapons, skills, bosses, etc.) and write the rest of the story and continue the flowchart of all the choices available in the game.

Some Conceptual Arts I did (I won’t post more because I don’t want to spoil it all):
I’m counting on the fact that you don’t understand Portuguese so you do not cheat with the choices haha

The Past chooses the Future:
As I already had the story developed I decided to create “Background History” for the secondary characters and noticed that this was really necessary. Of all the character SugarMoon stands out because it is the character that gives the first interaction of the game-world with the player, which makes it very special.

I don’t know if you noticed but the game starts with SugarMoon flirting with Fernando and the conversation unfolds in a way (let’s face it) shameful and long which makes the game very annoying, thus causing the player to stop playing before reaching the most interesting part in the game, where the bosses get bigger and the gameplay and dynamics of the game improves.

Do not worry I will not change the story again. All I’m going to change at the outset is to remove unnecessary conversation and give SugarMoon a new personality.
(and perhaps take his name from “prostitute”) and add more meaning to the path, thought and choices of Fernando.

For example:

  • Why was SugarMoon at that time, at that place?
  • Why would SugarMoon be nice to a stranger?
  • Why would Fernando trust someone from Inanis to tell him his mission and his destiny?
  • Who’s SugarMoon?
  • SugarMoon is not human. What is she and what did she do?

All these small questions will decide (and facilitate construction) the future of Fernando and his mission. And that is why they needed to be answered and some changed.

I want Awakening to become a good experience for the player from start to finish and that captivates both in the Beginning and in the middle and the end. I know it will be difficult but I want to make a good game. A game I would pay for it. A game that would take my time trying to complete and see what happens in the end. A game in which I fell in love with every detail and intrigued me in the universe of the game as if it were real.

It will be a long and arduous journey, for me and Fernando, but I am totally willing to take it.
And I really want to thank you deeply for all the support I received. You guys have been a nice community to interact with and have helped me immensely. :smiley: <3

Hope to post here again soon with a brand new giant update

This sounds really interesting. Good thing I don’t speak Portuguese, so no spoilers. Do you really plan to finish it already? That was faster than I expected.

@“Mhx Ar” Yeah i expect to finish in a year or two ahah… “already”.

Oh, see, you said
I’m really trying to finish this game
Yeah, a couple years for sure. Indie games generally take 2-3 years. You’ve done great work so far. I hope it grows and gains a lot of acknowledgement.

I wanted to say that this is the first game I want to finish (all the others games are just mini ideas).
Thank you. Me too.


  • Changued SugarMoon. Now her name is Amara and she is so much better.
  • Conversation it’s less boring and better. Now you can see what fernando thinks.
  • Changued the beggining of the game. Story is the same. Changed the choices. Added Cutscenes bla bla bla. Basicly same but better and with sense.
  • Added Missions :smiley:
  • Added way more Climax to the Battle. Reasons.ANIMATIONS.AND ANIMATIONS.ANIMATIONS EVERYWHERE.
  • Added Saving Icon and Auto-save warn screen.
  • Added Skip option in Story Cutscenes.
  • Changued the sprite of Vamor (Centaur) attack. Polished.
  • And obviously fixed bugs. If you found another please let me know.

Later I will change the conversation of the Butterfly before the battle. Instead of 3 arrows it will be just one to make her mad.
Now I will continue working on the village.It’s more important. It’s so big damn. It’s 1/3 made :slight_smile:

And I’m thinking of the player wins an ability by completing an mission(optional, it will take more time to finish the game but they are worth) and leaving/completing a biome.

I typed in “changued” on Google to see what it meant, and the first image on Google is the horns from this thread. Neat.

Maybe you meant Changed?

LMAO wtf oops my bad english made something good and bad? yes i meant changed
In portuguese everytime we use an “g” it comes an “u” next so I mixed both languages face palm

Any feedback about the new begining?