Background Behaviors

@grazer can you release an update which adds behaviors to background items? In an earlier discussion, you said you had to give physics to it so why don’t you do that so we can have behaviors for better games and better graphics for people willing to use their time for it.

Why does the background need physics?..

for the roboticizer thingy and in a forum posted a long time ago grazer said for a background object to be posted, it needed physics.

I don’t really see a need for physics with a background object, but for specific behaviors, like animation and position, they might be useful.

Yeah, I need the animation part to work but without behaviors, it won’t trigger. I’m using non-solid game world objects but how do you get them to not overlap? Also, how do you change sprites?

@Tailsthefox#1 I know what you mean, that would be quite useful, but you could just have things that act as if in background in the game world. There is more than one way to do this, but for all, the priority must be bellow everything else:

  1. Have all physics un-ticked

  2. Set enabled to false

the game world objects i used overlap the player sprite, how do I fix that?

display order

Change the display order of the object. To make them go behind or overlap the player sprite.

There is an option on all objects called “display order,” and objects with a higher display order will ALWAYS appear in front of an object of a lower order.


if you add parallax and add layers you can have some really cool backgrounds check out what I mean here:

How do you make a cinematic fade black then back to normal thing?

As in a screen fade?

You could make a large black object in the UI to cover the screen and use alpha (100% to 0%) to make it fade.

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mk I can’t cause I ran out of objects. I’m using free edition. nvm

The big problem with adding behaviors to the background is that the background can scroll. With the current rendering system, scrolling and tiling means that the objects have to stay static.

hey @ grazer I sent you a message I don’t know if you got it or not but its kind of important

That makes sense. If it worked that could be useful but I get why it won’t.

For the screen fade, how do you make it so when the player touches the roboticizer, the screen fades?

Maybe for moving creatures in background?