Background placement bug

can anyone tell me why this isnt working? im really :rage: :anger: :right_anger_bubble: by now because it keeps putting the “background lake” sprite all the way to the left of the map.

Position works on pixels, which are 1/32 of a grid placement, and it’s the same as spawning an object. If you pick a pos as small as 50 it’s the same as around 1 1/2 grid movement which will cause it to spawn in the top left.

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o yes thanks that reminder of 1/32 thing actually helps alot (i have the random pos of the lakes set to the block thngs)

uhm actually this was the result

I don’t see what’s wrong with this it looks like it’s generating random terrain well.

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-_- the lakes are supposed to be combined; the thing is that you can walk on the dirt and sand but you go under the water. they are also supposed to be relatively spaced out. they just refuse to go to the same spot

Well, you have no rules about where the lakes should spawn so it’s completely random whether it comes out perfect or not.

the code literally says: create lake. lake go “hey i go to random spot! leme spawn a lake background. hey lake background cmere you go on my coordinates”