Bad game i made while studying (bet you wont beat it)

so uhh… i was going to studying for a test and decided to have fun with a flowlab game after I was finished in class… then i used it to annoy my friends!
and now i want to annoy the flowlab community :smiley:

Flowlab Game Creator - study guide

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I like my elements, with a bit more effort, it could become an amazing game, love the carbon monoxide.

I made it within like an hour and a half, didnt take me long. I could update the visuals and general gameplay to be better, but I’m extremely lazy so uhh… idk


I died on the first level. This is very hard.

the first level is the only level :smiley:
the second one is element purgatory

edit: ok I vertified the game, only took me only 495072 tries

i added a lil spawn effect for whenever titanium attacks-i felt like it