Badges Don't Like Me

I don’t have the emoji badge when I use emojis alot. :upside_down_face:

Idk if I did what I was supposed to for Regular but I have been here over 100 days

I got User of the month a few months ago but it says i never got it when there’s proof in my notifications

Badges dont like me :frowning:

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oof, Thats sucks, Hope you get your badges soon ):

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Here’s what I think the issues are:

  1. You need to use an emoji that is selected in the emoji tools in the post settings.

  1. Regular is based on how many times you commented, not visits.
  2. User of the Month is chosen by Discourse for helping the most on their first month (new month?).

Though if you got an alert saying you got it, not sure why you wouldn’t have it.
Its possible that you need to be a regular to receive some badges

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Dont spam, it could also hurt you for being flagged at some point.

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I have gotten user of the month for January