Be able to adjust forward direction for non movable objects

Very small detail, but you are unable to change the forward direction for nonmovable objects, this can mess things up with rotation. All you need to do to fix this is make it movable, change its forward direction, then turn movable off again. This is a very very small thing but it was something I noticed so I thought I would mention it.


actually idk if I just messed something up, so some of what I said could be wrong, I didn’t do much testing.


Why would you need to adjust the forwards direction on a object that can’t move even though forwards is only used for objects to move.


I think when you extract the rotation of an object it starts at 0 pointing to the right, but if you change the forward direction it changes that. It’s a really small detail, so it’s not an important change, but I thought I would mention it.