Beard Your Own Adventure - Flowjam 2021

I just submitted my entry for Flowjam 2021 (a little early and without last minute panic - for once!)
Please give it a play or two and let me know what you think :smiley:

Find the wizard to open up FREE PLAY :wink:

Also if you are on come friend me over there!

Good luck to everyone participating in Flowjam. This was a fun jam with an interesting theme and I can’t wait to play some of the other entries.


Anyone found the wizard and opened FREE PLAY?

There’s a secret way into free play too if you look for it. :smiley:

Good luck to everyone. I’m going to spend the morning checking out all these new entries!


I found the wizard on my first playthrough, actually! I really love the art and idea for this game. Such a creative entry!


Hey @todorrobot, mind submitting this game for a review so I have an excuse to play it? Thanks

absolutely. It’s posted. Thanks!!

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This game is great! probably the most time I’ve spent playing an entry this time around.


Glad you enjoyed it @F3Art

Has anyone made anything in FREE PLAY mode? I just made this guy!

If you want to skip right to FREE PLAY mode, just click the FREE button 10+ times and it will unlock

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Fantastic job as always :slight_smile:

Behold… my creation!


Wow!! It hasn’t sunk in yet! Thanks to everyone who adventured into the realm of beard-dom! XOXOXOX


Can I get a hint on how to get number 20 and 24? It’s killing me, man!

Grow the stache from the middle in fu manchu

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Can guys stop lying about how you made games like this in 2 days because it’s getting annoying. I used to look up to you but this is getting out of hand. You know you can just tell the truth about the time you made the game in. And even if you did make it in the small amount of time how the hell did you make the art. Something tells me someone else did and you not giving you credit or you just took it off of online.

are you talking to me? Because I certainly did not make this game in only two days.


Ahh, yes i see. I little birds told me wrong.

Thank you so much! I finally unlocked every level!

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I wouldn’t put much faith in what little birds have to say.

I have some dev notes to share that I will posting soon at my itch page if you want to see how it all started.

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Oh ok :slight_smile: I still respect you and your probably my favorite person on mainly because you are actually a good person.

Btw, I can confirm that Beard your own adventure wasnt made in 2 days, Because I watched it being made (I’m Tods son) and yea, So i can confirm that he is telling the truth, and that no one else worked on it (:

Wait your todorobots sun

Wait your todorobots sun

Why did you have to spell one word correctly and ruin the symmetry?