Beat tap (warning if you have seizers DO NOT PLAY )

tap the tune blocks to gain ONE point (the tune blocks speed up)


I like this game! You should add some custom music!

I do like this game. The music is good and the graphics are too!
The game play was definitely difficult but I also had to use a mouse pad and those things are awful.


I tried your game and I like how you did it but there’s a couple of things that bug me

Number 1

Problem: How fast it starts. Better Description: The blocks start really fast so it’s difficult to score any point (especially with a trackpad). Fix: You could fix this by adding modes “Easy, Normal and Hard” for how fast it starts

Number 2

Problem: The blocks vanishing because they turn black. Better Description: It’s hard to tell where the blocks are going to be if they only flash up for a second. Fix: This you could fix by making them not turn black, but i’m not sure how you have them turning black so I don’t know a “true” fix.

Number 3

Problem: The instant start. Better Description: It’s just without warning it can set someone back on the wrong foot, it just bugs me that the game loads and it’s just like “Oh your loaded? Must mean your ready to play”. Fix: You can fix this by adding a start button.

Number 4

Problem: No description of the game Better Description: I looked in your code (Sorry was trying to figure out problem two) and I saw that you had a piece of code that paused the game but no one can know that you can pause the game without a description Fix: Add a description or a tutorial

Overall this is a pretty cool game! Good job hifive!


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Dang, I wish you could make leaderboards.

but there’s no way to die??

playing while listening to music XDXD