Beginners Questions

I’m currently working on a game for my Boy Scouts Merit Badge, and I am wondering how to do a few things to improve my game. Here is my game so far:

Heres the questions:

  1. How do you make text on the screen?
  2. How do you make levels so long?
  3. How do you transition between screens?
  4. How can you make it so you can jump on enemies?
  5. How can you make a game reset when you fall?

I have a few more, but i will post them once i get these answers. I’d appreciate any advice!

how do you add sound?

Okay, I will answer your questions in the order you listed:

1.Those little text boxes you see appear on some games are triggered by a Once, or Collision behavior, and are then connected to a Alert
2. Most games levels are long because of a behavior called “Scroll View” just place it in your behaviors and set it the right to as far as you want it to go
3. Screen transitioning normally occurs when you switch to a new level, you can do this by setting a collision behavior to a next level behavior
4. You can jump on enemies and kill them in the process by giving the enemy a collision behavior to a destroyer behavior, but make sure the collision is from the top and from the player character
5. The easiest way to make the game reset when you die is by going into the enemies behaviors and giving it the Dangerous Behavior Bundle

Hope I helped!

You add sound by having an always behavior or collision behavior be connected to the sound behavior, there’s a nice collection of sounds already there for you :slight_smile: