Behaviors disappearing. Please help!

I’m new to flowlab, and I’m having some trouble. I’m trying to add some behaviors to my game. About 80% of the time I try to move a behavior (click-and-drag) it disappears. Also, if I click on a behavior to look at details about it, when I click OK to close the detail window, the behavior disappears. This is a school project I need to complete soon, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Oh, the game is called Mediterranean, and it’s here:

I dealt with it too.

It’s a bug. You didn’t do anything wrong.
Grazer has to fix this.

Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

@grazer please fix ASAP

I just reloaded the page, and it was fixed.

It disappears every now and then, reloading seems to temporarily fix it

It’s annoying to reload everytime for every small annoying bug. Grazer should fix this one because for me it happens everytime.

Hey, can someone explain to me exactly how to trigger this issue? If I can reproduce it, then I’ll be able to fix it. What sort of computer are you using @Frog ?

normally this happens to me when I return to a game after a while or play-saving and going back on immediately

When it happened to me, I was on a Chromebook (ChromeOS). I triggered it by trying to move my behaviours. I don’t know if that’s any help. :smile:

Same as @SnowdriftTheIcewing (Chrome, trying to move things). Thanks for taking a look at this!

I’m using firefox and this issue never happened to me :sunglasses: I guess this just happens for chrome users.

just go back to the main editing screen then go back in to the behavior screen