Behaviors: Logic Gates and Eases (Also I need help with game art)

I don’t understand Logic Gates or Eases, could anyone help?

Also I suck at game art, i don’t know if that’s something someone can help me with but if you could please do.


Logic gates take two inputs and compare then based on its setting, you can take a look in the behavior handbook for all the different features but the main thing you need to know is that it takes two inputs, in input A is on and B is on and the Logic gate is set to AND it will PASS and send an output. This happens because the AND gate only activates if BOTH inputs are active. If only A was on but B was off it would fail and not send any outputs. There are tons of others but they are really useful for making IF statements if you’re familiar with those, if not you don’t really need to worry about it. Know that they can get really complex really fast but are really useful and are used in making different modules/bundles.

Ease is one of the behaviors that are really hard to understand. They have a bunch of settings that change how they get from point A to point B. The easiest way in my opinion is to think of it as a slider, for example there’s the ease in and ease out. It will start moving slowly and then get fast and then become slow again. I know that was a really bad explanation on it but here is a link to a bunch of examples of easing functions. Also there are tons of other Topics that have talked about the ease behavior and even ease bundles. JR_01 has made a Ease Bundle so I’m pretty sure they can tell you a bunch more stuff about ease behaviors.
Overall the ease bundle is very very very complicated but super super usefully and can make different transitions between values much easier if you know how to use them.

If you have trouble with art I can teach you some basics but I would recommend watching some of AdamCYounis’s Pixel art tutorials, they go into depth on a bunch of different tips and techniques in pixel art, and just art in general. I would highly recommend for you to take a look.


Thanks! Sorry about asking so many questions,


Don’t worry, If you need to know anything else let me know, I can always lend a few tips of everything.

Alright! I usually come here first when I have a question of some sort!