Best Flowlab Ai?

Made another ai example game.
This thing is difficult.
This one is… basically trying to get clips to post on Youtube.
It has a ton of ball control and skill.
Issues with it:
Own goal-ing since it really doesn’t know how to ‘take a shot’, it just moves the sword accordingly to the ball, not the net.

F for fullscreen
E & Q to rotate sword
Your gray sword follows your mouse, defend the left net.
No limit of the scoring. Play to whatever you want.


Really nice but the floaty movement is off-putting despite the realism it brings to the game and instant mouse teleportation was more fun :x:

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if you could move with teleportation the game wouldn’t work
it would literally just be hyper speed wars
no defense or offense, just moving at a ball.
also, it has to use velocity to move so it can transfer it’s force.

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Oh ok. I completely understand that the way you made the player movement is this game is correct.:heavy_check_mark:

I’ve basically redone the game. New looks, ai fixes, a scoreboard with a timer and an infinite overtime system, fan applauses on close shots and goals, and more. Tell me what you think! What should I add?

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Cristiano Ronaldo
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Added another massive update. Better ai, way better looks, different layout, harder to score, buzzer beaters

Still trying to figure out what I can use for a ball sprite. For now I’m using an old sprite from an old game.

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My first OT2 game. It destroyed me in OT5 (OT does not end on first goal scored, rather it continues if at the end of the time it’s a tie still)